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Black Bag


Consulting, LLC


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Macintosh Support 

Black Bag Computer Consulting, LLC offers real-world solutions for all your Macintosh and iDevice needs. Let me recommend the best systems that meet your needs and install the systems properly. I work with my clients to address each unique situation, using the most cost effective and advanced technologies available today.

Need help with your iDevices... got that covered too. iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iTunes. Just give me a call. I also conduct Corporate iPad training.

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Time is Money

Let me help you install and configure your new hardware or software. If you feel confident in your abilities to install and configure all of your software and hardware on your own, then by all means do so! It's a good learning experience, and you will have an excellent understanding of the workings of your own system. But if your primary goal is to focus your time and efforts on getting the job done, then it's time to have a professional do the installation and setup for you. 

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Apple Consultants Member

Black Bag Computer Consulting, LLC has been a certified member of the Apple Consulants Network scince 2002.